About the Artist



Through our friendship I was encouraged by Sir Kyffin Williams to paint professionally & have subsequently enjoyed doing so for over 20 years. Over lunch in his local he counselled me to ‘paint what I love & that passion would come through in my work’, he said for him it was of course the mountains of North Wales. Returning home, I pondered this excellent advice & decided to focus upon my life-long love of the sea.

I enjoy the challenge of painting the ever-changing sea and my interest lies in capturing its atmosphere & light – always the same, yet never the same. I strive to translate the power & emotion of the sea in a way that allows people to find their own interpretation of the mood & movement of the water. Whenever possible I enjoy painting en plein air to fully absorb the atmosphere & spirit of the scene before returning to my studio to complete the work.

My work is spontaneous in nature with much use of the impasto technique employing the palette knife to create strong textures which are juxtaposed against the background of immense skies. These sculptural textures are created using only paint without any additives or other medium being added to the work which is highly unusual. This gives my work its recognisable tactile & three-dimensional quality, thus creating a painting that offers something a little different each time it is viewed from different angles.

I have sold my work worldwide, exhibiting in galleries throughout Wales, England & France. My paintings are held in both private and public collections in many different countries throughout Europe & Asia, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa & America, where I have found an increasingly appreciative audience for my paintings.

I am always pleased to discuss individual commissions of specific locations. If this is something that is of interest to you please do get in touch to discuss your particular requirements.

”I wish I had such amazing control with a palette knife”

Arnold Lowrey, professional artist & renowned teacher



Nick in his studio during filming for his appearance on Art Made In Cardiff TV show

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