About the Artist



Art has always played an important part in Nick’s life and he has always been particularly influenced by Turner & Monet and their use of light. His work reflects his fascination with the effect of light on nature.

A particularly strong influence and mentor was the foremost Welsh artist Sir Kyffin Williams whom Nick visited many times and with whom he enjoyed long conversations in his studio discussing art. Sir Kyffin counselled him “if you paint what you love it will be reflected in your work”. To this end Nick has decided to concentrate on his life-long passion for the sea – always the same yet never the same

Living in a small village west of Cardiff on the coast of the Bristol Channel Nick has inspiration on his doorstep but he also enjoys travelling to other beautiful coastlines, particularly throughout Wales, Devon, Cornwall and Brittany. Nick strives whenever possible to start a canvas in situ, finishing it back in his studio.

” I wish I had such amazing control with a pallete knife as Nick” Arnold Lowrey, professional artist & renowned teacher



Nick in his studio during filming for his appearance on Art Made In Cardiff TV show


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